When it comes to lighting up your dining room, there are a lot of different avenues you can take, from table lamps, wall sconces, to floor lamps. However, nothing can compare to the dramatic focal points that comes from a chandelier – even more so a Murano Glass Chandelier. Adding one to your space is an excellent way to elevate its overall design and create an ambience mood. Although the task of picking the right chandelier can be tricky, given the vast array of options and styles that are available today, with a little help from the Jean-Marc Fray team, you can find the perfect chandelier in no time! If you’re in the market for a vintage chandelier or a Murano glass chandelier, there’s no business better to turn to than Jean-Marc Fray Antiques. With over 20 years of experience in the antiques business and a passion for unique finds, JMF knows exactly how to help you find the perfect chandelier for your dining room. Here’s what you should keep in mind when selecting a dining room chandelier:


1.  Size Matters

Chandeliers can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any dining room. Before you start shopping for a chandelier, it’s essential to determine the size of your dining room table – size is crucial. A fixture that’s too small for your table will look dwarfed and out of place, while one that’s too large will overpower the space and create an uncomfortable atmosphere for you and your guests. The chandelier should be proportional to the size of your dining room table. Jean Marc Fray Antiques suggests selecting a chandelier that’s about one-third to one-half the width of your dining table.

Italian Modernist Chandelier. This grand chandelier with multiple ivory steel lacquered orbs connected with brass stems to the main body piece. Pink Murano Glass Venini Triedri spiral chandelier. This beautiful italian chandelier features hand blown pink glass components that is layered in a downward spiral. From the iconic Venini studio in Italy.

2. Create A Harmonious Dining Space

It’s also essential to consider the shape of your dining table when selecting a chandelier. A rectangular chandelier complements a rectangular table, while a circular or oval chandelier is a better match for round or oval tables. The shape of your chandelier should harmonize with the shape of your table for a cohesive and balanced look. For a round table pairing, we would suggest our Murano Glass “Graniglia” Chandelier with something similar to our Antique French Walnut Grand Dining Table. For a rectangle table pairing, we would pair our Romeo Rega Dining Table with something like our

Italian Murano Glass Chandelier. Made on the Island of Murano, this italian chandelier features graniglia glass blades hung on a brass structure. This Graniglia Chandelier offers a soft glow. Antique French Grande Walnut Round Dining Table. Made of solid walnut wood and burled walnut inlaided with hand carved central star. Featuring pegged construction and hand carved central pedestal.  

Vintage Italian Romeo Rega Chrome and Brass Dining Table and Dining Chairs Set. Featuring a glass table top, 4 chairs made of brass structure and 2 arm chairs. The chairs have original suede upholstery. Italian Murano Glass Silver Leafed Brutalist Chandelier featuring handblown glass elements and gold leaf on the side. This Elongated chandelier also features a brass structure

3. Remember Your Ceiling Height

When picking a chandelier, it’s vital to consider the ceiling height as well. A chandelier that’s too long can disrupt the flow of the room and make it feel cramped, while a chandelier that’s too short may create an awkward space and look out of place. We suggest opting for a chandelier with a height of about 30 inches from your tabletop. Or consider adding a longer chain or rod to create more length. We have an in-house electrician ready to customize your chandeliers as needed. Jean-Marc Fray Antiques, known for our collection of vintage chandeliers and Murano glass chandeliers, offers an array of chandeliers and pendants with height sizes and shapes to pair with any table.

Vintage Italian Murano Glass Vistosi Chandelier. Featuring multiple strands of white and murano tangerine hanging from a solid brass structure. Circa 1980 from the iconic Vistosi studio in Italy.   French Antique Baccarat Crystal and Gold Chandelier. This chandelier features hand hammered iron and gold leafed structure. With a large array of shape and sizes of crystals. Circa 1910 from Nice, France 

4. Illuminate Your Space

Choosing the right amount of light for your dining room is key for creating the perfect ambiance. It’s important to consider the size of your dining room and the purpose of the space. If your dining room is small or you plan to use it primarily for intimate dinners, a smaller chandelier or pendant light with lower wattage bulbs can create a cozy atmosphere. For larger dining rooms or spaces used for entertaining, a larger chandelier or multiple fixtures with higher wattage bulbs can provide ample light and add drama to the space. It’s all about finding the right balance between function and style.

Italian Murano Glass Forcine Chandelier. This gorgeous chandelier features aquamarine blue hand blown cascading glass on a brass structure.     Italian Murano Glass Multicolored sputnik chandelier. This italian chandelier features hand blown glass pieces in amber, tea, gray, and citrine color.    

5. Finally: Centering the Fixture

The perfect chandelier should not only light up your dining room but also add a touch of class and sophistication. It’s important to ensure that the chandelier is centered correctly in your dining room. Jean-Marc Fray recommends that the chandelier be centered over the dining table, with the bottom of the fixture hanging between 30 to 36 inches above the tabletop. But if you have an elongated table, don’t fret! Consider going for two chandeliers instead of one to create a stunning symmetrical look.

    Italian Murano Glass Aqua and Green Fogile Chandelier. This Italian chandelier features layered leaves of handblown glass in a striking aqua/green glass color. Italian Murano Glass Tangerine disc chandelier by Carlo Nason. Made on the Italian island of Murano. This chandelier features handcrafted incamiciato tangerine discs.    Vintage Italian Pair of Murano Glass Disc Sputnik Chandelier. This stunning pair of vintage murano glass chandelier's is from the island of murano. Light shines through the brass sphere structure and multicolored handblown murano glass discs stem from the sphere. Circa 1970

In conclusion, it’s essential to pick the right chandelier for your dining room as it can create an unforgettable dining experience in your home. With these vital tips from Jean-Marc Fray, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect vintage, antique or Murano glass chandelier. Remember to take the size of your room, the shape of your dining table, and the height of your ceiling into consideration, and always center the fixture over the table for a stunning and balanced look. If you need additional help or guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out or stop by to Jean-Marc Fray Antiques for personalized assistance.