Jean-Marc and Jean-Noel Fray in Venice.

“I’m always looking for the emotion, mystery and intimacy in a piece.”


For over 20 years, Jean-Marc Fray has presented collectors and designers with distinctive, vintage finds and treasured European antiques dating from the 17thto early 20th centuries.


These kinds of fine pieces rarely sit on the floor of European dealers. Instead, they come directly from collectors’ homes and a meticulously cultivated array of unique sources throughout France, Italy and Spain.


A native of Marseilles and growing up in Nice as a teenager, Jean-Marc would spend weekends at the Cours Saleya seaside antique market unearthing items that spoke to him. “If there’s passion put in a piece at the time of its construction, it’s going to show now and a hundred years from now,” says Jean-Marc. “These are the vibes we’re looking for.” Today, every piece in the showroom has a soul and a story, captured and preserved by a team of craftsmen and experts with century-old restorative techniques. From intricate marquetry to rich patinas, these stunning gems are plucked from Europe and reawakened, so their heritage, craftsmanship and design can breathe new life into modern homes. They add true charm and emotion to your personal sanctuary.


With the largest collection in central Texas and the highest professional standards in the business, Jean-Marc Fray has attracted designers and collectors worldwide. With an elegance and purity in design, antiques at this level can’t be re-created or forced; they can only be uncovered and appreciated.


“Greek and Roman classicism established the golden rules of Western civilization aesthetics,” says Jean-Marc, “therefore the classic styles, in their purest expression (which are mostly French), will always be the strongholds of great interior design. These styles established the guidelines of modern design first during the Art Deco period with French style-makers (Andre Arbus, Jacques Adnet, Janssen…) and beyond.”


“Nature is a constant source of inspiration,” says Fray “The passing of time – the soft texture this offers to objects, the rawness of materials in their original beauty… these are things that inspire us in addition to modernity. Modernity to us is an expression of our present and an actual and pure translation of our way of life; it is our past aesthetic reassessed by a contemporary creative force. We love to collect vintage pieces that follow our guidelines. Mid-century european craftsmen responded to a new call but incorporated their knowledge of past techniques. Their best creations echo the balance and decorative impact found in 18th and 19th century pieces. We do not fall for the new furnishings blindly assembled at low cost with substitute materials, and ‘uber-marketed’  in a global senseless system.” 


Jean-Marc Fray has been marrying the classic lines of antiques and the pure energy of good vintage pieces for over 20 years. Always searching for that treasure with a story to tell. Please come visit and step back in time with us.


P.S. We love spending time with designers/buyers and can locate specific styles and pieces for your clients beyond our showroom.