At Jean-Marc Fray Antiques, we’re well-acquainted with the enchanting spell of color in interior design. It’s that secret ingredient, that unexpected twist, capable of turning the mundane into the extraordinary. Our collection of vibrant Murano glass is like a rainbow of possibilities, waiting to breathe life and character into your home. But let’s not just dip our toes into this sea of color; let’s dive in and explore how these Murano wonders can bring a whirlwind of energy, a dash of fun, and a generous sprinkle of sophistication to your living spaces. Join us as we explore 11 colors that you can infuse in your home to master the art of balancing boldness and elegance with the help of Murano’s chromatic magic. Whether you’re enhancing your walls with colorful Murano Glass mirror or Murano Glass Sconces or illuminating your foyer with Murano Glass chandelier, we’ll explore the spectrum of hues offered by these one-of-a-kind Venetian treasures, Murano Glass.

Murano glass vase, Italian, from the Island of Murano. This hand-blown glass piece is made with multicolored glass in red, green, and yellow tones and has an organic movement. A pair of vintage sputnik chandeliers, from Murano, Italy. Light shines through a perforated galvanized brass sphere. Multicolored Murano glass stemmed discs project from the spheres. These are quite a statement pair.Murano glass “coriandoli” mirror made of hand-blown glass pieces or “pastille” in a variety of colors. The name “coriandoli” means confetti. We love the beautiful detail of this piece. 


Here are 11 Murano Glass colors to add boldness, and elegance, to your home:

Radiant Red

Red, the embodiment of passion and vitality. Imagine this, a captivating Murano Glass vase in a profound crimson hue, its fiery presence commanding attention in an otherwise serene room.


 Murano glass mirror by Fuga. This Italian piece is made of red and pink hand-blown glass elements. Each component showcases the striking color combinations of Murano and the superior craftsmanship. The lovely glass is held accented by brass details. We love the oval shape and texture of the glass. Add boldness to your home with a dash of Murano Glass ColorBowl made of hand-blown Murano glass in crimson red and gold tones. Add a small murano glass red bowl to your home.  Vase made of hand-blown glass from the Island of Murano outside of Venice, Italy. This piece has is made of coral glass in the “summerso” technique in hommage to Alberto Burri and his “combustions” art work. A vibrant red vase to add some color to your space. 


Pretty in Pink

Pink symbolizes romance and whimsy. Consider a Murano Glass chandelier, its delicate pink hue, both classic and refined, play a big part in creating a lavish, but subtle lighting fixture. Producing a captivating contrast that harmonizes contemporary and minimalist interiors.

Pretty in pink murano glass. Featuring an array of pink authentic murano glass. 

Murano glass pink mirror by Fuga. This Italian piece has hand-blown glass elements in the loveliest pink hue. Each oval component is fused together to form a crown, enhancing the decorative impact of these beautiful, organic mirrors. We love the oval shape and textured glass! Add a touch of elegance and color into your home with pink murano glass fuga mirror. Pink Murano glass Venini “triedri” spiral chandelier. This piece by Venini is in the iconic “spirale triedri” shape and features beautiful hand-blown glass components in a pink hue. They glass is layered in a downward spiral on a chromed structure. This piece has been newly wired to fit US standards. Add a touch of sophistication with this venini pink murano glass long spiral chandelier.  Murano Glass Light Pink Sconces  


Gorgeous Green

The color green signifies harmony and nature. Incorporate a Murano Glass mirror in shades of green as the focal point in your living room. Green allows you to breathe life into your space but also infuses it with a natural serenity that’s truly enchanting.

Shades of green murano glass at jean-marc fray antiques 

Murano glass green rock lamps signed by Alberto Dona. We love the modernity of the lamps, the abstract form, and the high decorative impact of this dynamic pair. They have been newly wired to fit US standards. Add vibrant green murano glass rock lamps to your home to add boldness and color. Mirror, Veneitan, from the island of Murano featuring a rich array of green and yellow hand-made glass leaves fused with 24 carat gold leafing. Incorporate shades of green into your space. Green Murano glass flush mount by Carlo Nason. This spectacular fixture features hand-blown discs of organically textured green glass with chrome finials. It has been newly wired to fit the US standards. Add a small touch of elegance and color to your home. 


Beautiful Blue

Blue exudes tranquility and refined elegance. Add boldness to your home with an exquisite pair of Murano Glass table lamps hailing from Italy. This addition elevates your décor while illuminating your space with timeless allure.

Beautiful Blue Murano Glass.  

Spectacular mirror of Murano cobalt blue glass and brass. We can't resist the thick deep blue glass components that form the frame attached with round brass nuts. Add vibrant blue to your home.   Pair of lamps from Murano, Italy made of hand-blown blue iridescent colored glass. They have been newly wired to fit US standards. Add beautiful blue to your home.  Murano glass “forcine” chandelier in an aquamarine blue. This Italian piece features hand-blown cascading glass components that are supported by a brass structure. This fixture has been newly wired to US standards. Add a touch of blue to your space for boldness.


Outstanding Orange

Orange, the color of enthusiasm and energy, takes center stage with our Murano Glass ‘Ganci’ sconces, the star lighting fixture of your home. These vibrant pieces illuminate your space with a burst of radiant vitality, transforming it into a place where every moment is infused with boldness and elegance.

Outstanding orange murano glass at jean marc fray antiques  

Italian Chandelier from the iconic Vistosi Studio on the Island of Murano. This piece features multiple strands of Murano tangerine and white rings hanging from a solid polished brass structure. Boldness and color added with Murano Glass Chandelier. Murano glass vase, Italian, from the island of Murano and crafted in the manner of Barovier. This hand-blown piece has a striking orange color and is made with the “rostrate” technique. Add some sunshine in your home with a rostrate orange murano vase. Pair of Murano glass sconces from the island of Murano, Italy. The sconces feature multiple C shaped orange hand-molded glass components in the “ferro Battuto” fashion. They sit on a chromed steel structure. This pair has been newly wired to fit US standards. Include boldness on your walls with sconces.


Yummy Yellow

Yellow radiates positivity and cheerfulness. Adding a touch of sunshine to your kitchen counter with a Murano Glass bowl will not only brighten up the room, but create a special eye candy for your guests.

Murano glass bowl, Italian, from the island of Murano. This hand-blown piece has a striking yellow color and is made with the rostrate technique. Add some sunshine into your kitchen. Italian Mid-Century Modern style wall sconces in the manner of Stilnovo. Two Murano glass "Incamiciato" amber globes and black lacquered cones extend from a brass structure to create each of these stunning lights. Each fixture holds two candelabra base sockets and is wired for US standards. Murano glass vase, Italian, from the island of Murano. This hand-blown piece has a striking yellow color and is made with the rostrate technique. 


Whimsical White

While we’ve celebrated a vibrant spectrum of Murano glass hues, don’t underestimate the magic of Murano. Adding pristine white Murano pieces to your space infuses it with a timeless brightness and purity energy and creates an aura of serenity.

Whimsical white murano glass 

Vintage Italian chandelier from the Iconic Mazzega factory on the island of Murano. Twelve bell like glass elements hang by chains from a gilt brass structure along with oblong components that are clear and white in the “sommerso” technique. This chandelier is truly one of a kind. Add white murano glass to your space for elegance.Italian ivory Murano glass chandelier with twelve branches. We love the classic lines and modern details of this hand-blown fixture. It has been newly wired to fit US standards and requires 12 candelabra base bulbs. The height from ceiling is 61".Lovely Murano glass lamps with a modernist feel composed of stacked handblown elements and gilded brass rings. The lamps have circular bases and the glass is ivory and clear layered with gold flecks fused in the glass to provide a luminous and rich effect. This beautiful pair is perfect for any style and aesthetic! Rewired for the US. Add a touch of elegance with white murano glass table lamps


Brilliant Black

Black represents sophistication and mystery. Imagine a Murano glass vase in sleek black tones gracing your home’s entrance. Its striking presence not only adds an air of intrigue but also creates a focal point that draws the eye. It’s the perfect choice for those who appreciate minimalism with a touch of opulence.

Brilliant Black murano glass at jean marc fray antiques  

Pair of vases, Italian, from the island of Murano. Each hand-blown piece is made of clear glass with 24 carat gold flecks fused throughout. They feature “fins” of black glass elements all around. Adding black murano glass to your space adds elegance and mystery.  Chest of drawers, Italian, from the Veneto region, this nicely proportioned Italian vintage chest has been fully veneered with black and white slabs of Murano glass, it features four dovetailed drawers each with spheric black Murano glass pull. The elegant dynamic cabinet sits on its original black lacquered steel base. Murano Glass Floor Lamps By A Dona  


Shimmering in Silver and Gold

Incorporating Murano glass pieces in silver and gold tones is like sprinkling your space with stardust. These metallic hues symbolize luxury and opulence, creating an atmosphere of grandeur. These pieces effortlessly elevate your décor, reflecting light and exuding a timeless elegance that makes your home feel like a palace.

Shimmering gold and sliver murano glass in jean marc fray antiques  

Italian chandelier from the Iconic Seguso factory on the island of Murano. The “Oro Specchiato” glass is mirrored and fused with gold leafing. This elegant and masterly crafted chandelier boasts 16 branches on two levels. Striking pair of table lamps made of hand-blown Murano glass. The geometric shape and metallic coloring make these unique fixtures so stunning. They have been signed "Alberto Dona Murano." The height to the top of the glass is 18.125", and they have been wired to fit US standards with three-way switch capabilities.  Murano glass silver leaf mirrors by Fuga. This Italian pair has silver leaf fused in the hand-blown glass elements. Each oval component is fused together to form a crown, enhancing the decorative impact of these beautiful, organic mirrors. We love the oval shape and textured glass! Can be sold separately. Chandelier from Italy in the brutalist style. This piece is made of hand-blown glass elements with gold leaf on one side and a textured appearance on the other. We love the unique shape of the glass and the strong impact this fixture has in a space. It has been newly wired to fit US standards.  


By artfully integrating these vibrant Murano glass creations, you can create an ambiance that dances between the realms of fun and opulence, modernity, and timelessness. The secret is in finding that harmonious balance between vivid hues and neutral backdrops, where every piece tells a story and adds to the overall symphony of your space. So, why not embrace the colors of a true Venetian masterpiece from the island of Murano and let your space come alive with the spirit of joy and elegance? At Jean-Marc Fray Antiques, we offer you a palette of endless possibilities to turn your home into a masterpiece. Stay up to date with our latest new arrivals when you follow Jean-Marc Fray Antiques on Instagram. Or sign up for our weekly emails were we unveil new arrivals and weekly blogs filled with French and Italian Antiques and a renowned Murano Glass collection!

Shades of green murano glass. Jean-Marc Frays Array of Green murano glass.


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