In the world of fine furniture, few finishes possess the captivating allure and sophisticated charm of ebonized wood. Originating from a technique that gained popularity during the Victorian era, these finishes have stood the test of time and continue to enchant collectors and interior enthusiasts alike. Ebonized wood finishes at Jean-Marc Fray are characterized by their lustrous and modern appeal. The company utilizes all-natural, museum-quality shellac finishes and practices traditional techniques, ensuring the highest quality results. Ebonized pieces create a unique decorative impact in any home, combining a touch of old-world charm with a contemporary aesthetic. At Jean-Marc Fray, a renowned purveyor of exquisite French and Italian antiques and mid-century modern treasures, this wood finish takes center stage in a variety of furniture pieces.

Let’s explore the beauty and allure of this unique finishing technique through the lens of three popular ebonized items: buffets, chests, and console tables.

Ebonized buffets, also known as a credenza or a sideboard, exemplify the perfect fusion of timeless elegance and practicality. Crafted from high-quality wood and finished with a rich, lustrous ebonized surface, these pieces exude a sense of refined luxury. The dark, ebony appearance creates a striking contrast against the delicate carvings and intricate details often found on antiques. Ebonized buffets serve as both functional storage solutions and exquisite statement pieces, adding a touch of drama and sophistication to any dining or living area. From elaborate trimmings, the black and white contrast from a Carrara marble top, to simple brass hardware, Jean-Marc Fray Antiques is your one-stop shop for French and Italian ebonized buffets.

Buffet / enfilade made of cherry wood that has been ebonized and partially veneered with black glass and mirror in a diamond pattern. There are four dovetailed drawers above four doors which open up to ample storage. The gilt bronze hardware and handles add a beautiful detail. This spectacular credenza is topped with an intact and original “brêche” marble top.French buffet in the Louis XVI style made of Mahogany and ebonized and finished in a lustrous Museum quality French polish, gilt brass throughout. Two dovetailed drawers and two doors opening to adjustable shelving, intact Carrara marble slab. The classical credenza sits on four toupies legs with brass accents.  Buffet, enfilade, from France and made of mahogany that has been ebonized and finished in a lustrous museum-quality French polish. There are three doors that open to adjustable shelving. Three dovetailed drawers have brass hardware. The tapered square legs are capped with brass.


Ebonized chests at Jean-Marc Fray are a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail that define French antiques. These stunning pieces boast a sleek and velvety finish, achieved through the application of multiple layers of black lacquer. Ebonized chests not only provide ample storage space but also become captivating focal points in bedrooms, bathrooms, or entryway. Their dark, mysterious allure creates a sense of depth and intrigue, making them a favorite among collectors and designers who appreciate the juxtaposition of drama and refinement. Take this antique French demilune chest of drawers made of solid ebonized cherrywood, the details and craftsmanship of this chest have stood the test of time.

Semainier, chest of sever dovetailed drawers with the original finely cast gilt brass pulls. This French piece is in the Louis XVI style and finished with a museum quality ebonized French polish for a striking luster.Demilune chest of drawers, French, in the Louis xvi style mad of solid ebonized cherrywood and finished with a lustrous Museum quality French polish. There are three dovetailed drawers, two doors, gilt brass trim throughout, and finely cast hardware.Buffet, French, from the Rhone Valley. This piece is made of mahogany that has been ebonized and finished in a lustrous museum-quality French polish. There are two doors that open upon adjustable shelving. One dovetailed drawer for functionality and beautiful gilt brass trim and hardware throughout.  

Console Tables:

Ebonized console tables showcase the perfect marriage of functionality and artistry. With their slender profiles and clean lines, these tables effortlessly blend into any space, from grand hallways to intimate alcoves. The ebonized finish adds a touch of sophistication, accentuating the sleek silhouette and drawing attention to the intricate detailing. Whether adorned and styled with delicate sculptures or graced by a single Murano glass vase, ebonized console tables serve as elegant showcases for artistic expression.

Vanity, French, made of ebonized sycamore. The vanity is in the manner of Jacques Adnet and features three dovetailed drawers and tapered legs. This elegant piece is finished in a lustrous French polish and enhanced with a triptych brass framed mirror. Each side of the mirror boasts Murano glass “torchieres” sconces that have been newly wired to fit US standards. Height to the top of the desk is 29.25”. The listed height includes the mirror.Pair of consoles from France in the Directoire style. Each is topped with a “Brêche Royal” marble top, intact and original. Each table features four square tapered legs with a bottom shelf of ebonized cherry wood finished in a lustrous museum-quality French polish.French console table made of Mahogany wood, ebonized and finished with a lustrous museum quality French polish. Gilt brass trims and feet. 


Benefits of Collecting Ebonized Furniture:

Collecting ebonized furniture offers a myriad of benefits beyond their aesthetic appeal. Firstly, ebonized wood finishes are known for their durability and resistance to wear and tear, ensuring that these treasures can be enjoyed for generations to come. Additionally, the dark hue of ebonized wood provides a versatile canvas for showcasing a wide range of design styles and color palettes, making them suitable for both traditional and contemporary settings. Lastly, owning ebonized furniture from Jean-Marc Fray allows collectors to indulge in a sense of history and timeless beauty, as each piece carries a unique story and legacy. Jean-Marc Fray’s collection features several prized ebonized wood pieces that exemplify the beauty and versatility of this finish.

Pair of bookcases in the French Regence style made of mahogany, ebonized, and finished in a lustrous museum-quality French polish. There are adjustable interior shelves. Each bookcase is supported by square tapered legs with bronze feet. They have working locks with original keys.Desk, French, in the Louis XVI style made of ebonized Mahogany that has been finished in a lustrous museum quality French polish. This work table boasts a gilt embossed brown leather top and four dovetailed drawers. The original hardware and gilt brass trims can be found throughout. It is supported by fluted and tapered legs. There is one pull out leaf that adds an additional 15” to the length.Gueridon, French, from the Art Deco period made of walnut and ebonized walnut. This piece has been finished in a lustrous Museum quality French polish. The three legs sit on a base adorned with spheres.


In conclusion, the ebonized wood finishes found in Jean-Marc Fray’s collection of furniture pieces, including buffets, chests, console tables, and other timeless pieces, represent a harmonious blend of artistry, functionality, and historical significance. These exquisite items charmed with their dark, velvety surfaces, their lustrous finish, and attention to detail make these pieces a captivating addition to any interior space. While their versatility and durability ensure lasting beauty and functionality.


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