Venice, the enchanting city of canals, bridges, and artistic splendor, has always been a source of inspiration for creative souls worldwide. Recently, the Fray brothers, Jean-Marc and Jean-Noel, embarked on a captivating journey to Venice, not just for leisure but to curate exquisite Murano treasures and immerse themselves in the city’s rich art scene. Join us as we follow their footsteps through the winding streets and historic landmarks of Venice.

Ciao from the Fray brothers Ciao from the Fray brothers Ciao from the Fray brothers

The Fray brothers have been cultivating a deep connection with Murano glassblowers for years. Their latest trip was dedicated to carefully selecting new pieces that would grace their upcoming container, set to arrive in October. Murano glass, renowned for its intricate craftsmanship and timeless beauty, has always held a special place in their hearts.

Ciao from the Fray brothers Ciao from the Fray brothers Ciao from the Fray brothers

One of the highlights of their visit was a trip to the Palazzo Fortuny, a place dedicated to preserving the legacy of Mariano Fortuny, one of Italy’s most influential artists. The Palazzo stands as a living testament to Fortuny’s artistic vision, housing his original rooms, tapestries, and collections.

The museum’s four floors offer a captivating journey through Fortuny’s world, featuring precious wall-hangings, paintings, and his famous lamps. These objects not only showcase his eclectic work but also reflect his presence on the intellectual and artistic scene during the late 19th century.

At the Palazzo Fortuny, the Fray brothers had the privilege of witnessing the “Riflessioni Notturne” exhibit, a remarkable display of ten previously unseen paintings by Giovanni Soccol. These paintings formed a mesmerizing space defined by a rhythmic unity that left a profound impression.

The theme of Soccol’s paintings drew inspiration from the ethereal vision of Venetian architecture rising from the water and dissolving into its own reflection. It portrayed the enchanting allure of an apparition that could vanish like a dream. Soccol’s unique approach used geometric relationships to create a view that transcended traditional perspective, offering a fresh perspective on the beauty of Venice.