It is easy to find color inspiration across the globe whether is natural, architectural, or human ritual. Our colorful planet is a reminder that we must celebrate life and beauty. Here are some of the top colorful places in the world.


Chefchaouen – Morocco

Nicknamed the “Blue Pearl of Morocco” this breath taking city features blue alleyways and blue-washed buildings. Built in 1471, many theories have surfaced as to why the whole town is painted blue, however, none have been confirmed.


Lake Hillier – Australia

This bubble gum pink lake looks like something out of a fantasy world. It gets it color from the presence of pigmented microorganisms.

Lavender Fields – Provence

These fields are not only beautiful, they also embody the aromatic sense of southern France. The lavender blooms in mid June to mid August,


Badlands of the Zhangye Danxia – China

These technicolored mountains look like nature’s natural graffiti park. They get their colors from layers of sandstone, iron, and other minerals


La Muralla Roja – Spain

Spanish for “the Red Wall,” these architecturally spectacular buildings serve as a postmodern apartment complex on the coast of western Spain.


Kawachi Fuji Gardens – Japan

In the Spring, tunnels of purple wisteria line the pathways of the Kawachi Fuji Gardens. Their hanging branches provide of canopy of otherworldly beauty.


Holi Festival – India

This ancient Hindu festival celebrates the coming of Spring, colors, and love. Today it is celebrated through the playful throwing of colored powder in the streets of India.


Rainbow Village – Taiwan

Originally a “veteran village” built hastily with cheap materials, the Rainbow village has transformed to one of Taiwan’s most artistic attractions. The walls and apartments of the city are painted by local residence and bring a childlike magic to the vibrant village.


Northern Lights

Also .known as Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights dance across the western hemisphere in brilliant flashes of green, purple, yellow, and blue. This sublime showing occurs between late September and March in the clear skies of Iceland, Alaska, Canada, and Norway.


Tokyo – Japan

The Red Light District of Tokyo is a sea of florescent signs, neon lights, and tourists.


Ice Cave – Iceland

This blue wonderland is a cave in Europe’s largest glacier. The hike promises spectacular views with even crazier caverns.


Izamal – Mexico

This site has deep roots in Mayan and Spanish colonialism. The city is named after the Mayan Sun God, Itzamna and was once a place of pilgrimage throughout the Mayan lands.


Morning Glory Pool – Wyoming

This rainbow hot spring located in Yellowstone National Park gets its color from a bacteria that inhabits the pool.


Fly Geyser – Nevada

Due to a drilling accident in the 1960’s this mineral oasis created extraordinary streaks of red and green.


Tulip Fields – Netherlands

The Dutch tulips bloom in April and the spectacular sea of red, orange, yellow, pink, and purple bulbs are an unforgettable experience. As this is their biggest export, Holland becomes alive with color, people, and spring life.


Rotorua Hot Springs – New Zealand

This geological wonder is due to years of volcanic activity in he area. The red rocked caverns are surrounded by hot springs that are known for their beneficial health and healing qualities.


Saint Basil’s Cathedral – Russia

The spiraling domes of the Saint Basil’s Cathedral look like architecture of of Candy Land.  This church is found at the Red Square in Moscow and if the country’s most recognizable landmark.


Boardman – Oregon

In Autumn, Boardman is the place to be. As thew leaves change colors, their foliage transforms the land into a sea of gold.