With a surge of nice weather, we have our minds set on jet-setting. Over the next couple of weeks, we’re going to feature everything to do with travel, from hotel interiors to some of our favorite travel destinations and more.

This week, we’re divulging our favorite hotels from Lake Como, Italy to St. Barths!

Hotel Providence – Paris, France

In the heart of the Eastern district of Paris, sits a beautiful boutique hotel featuring eighteen beautifully designed rooms. Each room is individually decorated and showcases stunning wallpapers, carefully chosen vintage furniture, and gorgeous architecture with stunning windows and terraces. A must-see and must-stay if you’re planning a trip to Paris!


The Ritz – Paris, France

Another Paris wonder, the Ritz, was recently renovated and now features a dreamy combination of historic and vintage pieces alongside a modern lifestyle. We love that the room below encapsulates the beloved French flat look-and-feel, and really appreciate the mix of pattern, fabric and finish.


Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge – Botswana, South Africa 

The design of this beautiful hotel was influenced by the African armadillo. The overall structure is rich with curves and scales. Even better? The hotel is built completely from bio-degradable materials and is made up primarily of wood. We appreciate the simplicity and organic nature of this design, and its ability to live amongst the wild. We’re adding this to our travel bucket list asap!


Hotel Henriette – Paris, France 

Yet another Paris great, the Hotel Henriette provides an intimate, boutique experience to all of its guests. Designed by Vanessa Scoffier, its 18 rooms feature bold color pallets, brass fixtures and our ever-favorite – wallpaper!


Hotel II Soreno – Lake Como, Italy

Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola was involved with all aspects of the design of Hotel II Soreno, from the architecture and bedroom furnishings to the private boats! We love the coastal-inspired color palette against the beautiful wood grain throughout the room pictured below.


Belmond Villa San’Andrea – Sicily, Italy

If this gorgeous hotel setting doesn’t give you the travel bug, then we don’t know what will! Ocean views, airy furniture with bright pops of color and a stunning vintage chandelier will captivate anyone who enters the room. The photos just don’t do it justice!


Hotel Panache – Paris, France

We have this thing with Paris…and we can’t get enough of the contrast between the clean ivory walls and stunning orange velvet seating areas. And don’t even get us started on the brass details! This hotel seems like a beautiful place to relax and curl up with an espresso and a good book.


Lords South Beach – Miami, Florida

Relax and unwind in Miami, Florida at Lord’s South Beach amongst yellow and white striped wallpaper and leather-studded chairs with pops of bright blue throughout. Retro, fun vibes make this the perfect spot for any trip among friends!



Ville Marie – St. Barths

When Jocelyne Sibuet began designing and refurbishing Ville Marie (formerly hotel François Plantation) she knew she had to pay homage to its history with a plantation/colonial style in mind. From the moment she purchased the property, she spent all of her time researching the hotel’s history, West Indies culture and design. She then traveled all over India, Indonesia, Morocco, Pakistan, Peru and Tunisia with her daughter sourcing elements and pieces for their new project. From stonewashed Indian fabrics, rattan furnishings and gypset accessories throughout, this hotel is rich with culture and history – each room thought provoking and full of soul.

She said “I start with one piece, one important piece, and add many things around it, so that eventually I get something that’s a little bit cool, a little bit funny, all of it thoughtful, but not too precious.”

All of this said, we think this one may be our current favorite – and the next place to visit on our list!


Villa Marie Saint Barth - jmf-hotel-blog


We hope you enjoyed our feature on our favorite hotels of the moment. In honor of Spring Break season, we’ll be featuring even more travel inspirations over the next couple of weeks. Next up? A feature on one of our favorite vacation spots!

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