For interior designers, architects, and collectors, the name Seguso is now synonymous with high-end, hand-made, luxurious glass creations. This role as one of the most prominent and largest manufacturers in Murano has only come after centuries of work by a family dedicated to producing innovative and sometimes eccentric pieces of art and lighting fixtures. Started in 1397, the Seguso family reached importance both locally and abroad. Seguso glass can now be found in over 74 museums worldwide, and has been procured by the elite royal families of the world.

With documentation tracing their uninterrupted glass-making lineage back to 1397, the family was added to the Libro d’Oro (Golden Book) of Murano in 1605, assigning them as a noble family of Venice. With international trade expanding as far as the Americas, Seguso glass was especially successful. From depictions in famous pieces of art to the minting of their family crest on the coin of Venice, this was an important era for the Seguso family and all glass making in Murano.

However, with the fall of the Venetian Republic came a low point for Murano and glass. Antonio Seguso, born in 1829, worked tirelessly to revive techniques that lead to the glass renaissance. The history of the Seguso family is intimately linked to the history of glass and the history of the island. Following Antonio Seguso, his descendants created new techniques and wonderful new pieces of art that were prized and desired worldwide. Maestro Archimede Seguso created the “sommerso” technique, leading to extensive new options for Murano glass. Between creating pieces for major museums, chandeliers for the pope, and receiving extensive international recognition, the Seguso family flourished in the 20th century.

Today, the Seguso brand is run by three brothers: Gianluca, Pierpaolo, and Gianandrea. Together, they have continued to create fundamentally beautiful and important pieces of glass. In 2012, they opened the Seguso Experience, opening the doors of their factory and offering a unique and intimate look at the history behind the brand. It has consistently been rated one of the best experiences in Murano. Glass made under the Seguso name continues to draw a high value, as the quality is exquisite. Just one of the many glass factories in Murano, it is one of the most esteemed and established, continuing to influence the world of glass.