Alberto and Diego Giacometti: brothers in life and in art. They are both recognized for their unique sense of form and scale, and yielding a variety of work that is not easily categorized into one particular artistic movement.

Alberto, a famous and self-confident Swiss sculptor, created the most expensive sculpture ever sold- “Walking Man I” (1960) for $ 104.3 million. He is best known for this figurative post World War II work, though he has many others of comparable acclaim.

Walking Man

Giacometti Style Coffee Table | JMF


Diego, more reserved, but an artist and sculptor in his own right, also created whimsical and inventive furniture. His works combined the function of the craft with the majesty and artistry of sculpture. He especially enjoyed incorporating animals-frogs, horses, cats, turtles, etc.- into his pieces.



Giacometti Forged Iron Console Table | JMF

Alberto and Diego’s similarities in style and medium are clear, while each maintaining their own realm of work and recognition. They shared a studio in Paris for 40 years and were each other’s biggest inspirations, advisors, and fans. There’s nothing quite like brotherly love!

Jean-Marc recently exhibited at Galerie Lympia in Nice, France displaying Alberto Giacometti’s latest works. His first-hand pictures provide a glimpse at the rich texture, striking beauty, and Giacometti’s unique interpretations of the human form.