Until November 6, 2022, the Palais du Facteur Cheval is home to “The Dream of Water” exhibition by renowned artist Jean-Michel Othoniel. Celebrating 110 years since completion, it is the first time a visiting artist is displaying and creating work that interacts intimately with the original space. Inspired by the drawings of creator Ferdinand Cheval and his original vision, Othoniel has crafted 10 stunning fountain displays made of Murano glass and Indian blue mirrored glass, as well as striking stained glass windows throughout. Intricately blended into the postman’s work, Othoniel adds magic through glass!





In April 1879, Ferdinand Cheval began work on building a palace in his vegetable garden. As a postman by trade, Cheval collected stones daily for three decades and built his palace each evening. He completed work in 1912. The 33 years of working alone on his masterpiece paid off. Today it is considered a precursor to surrealist architecture and modern art, and continues to inspire artists all over the world. It was deemed a national monument in 1969.





Jean-Michel Othoniel was born in Saint-Ettiene and visited the Facteur Cheval as a child. Starting in 1993, Othoniel began working in glass and specifically collaborating with master glass blowers in Murano, Italy. His work has been seen in public spaces and museums all over the world.