Roberto Baciocchi, the man responsible for the surreal, sophisticated and chic look of hundreds of Prada stores has offered a peek into his Tuscan “Palace”. We are so inspired by the interior spaces of this great minimalist architect’s home and how he blends the old classic structural style of old Italian homes with the new sexy and modern styles of contemporary Italian interior design. Color texture and material are the main characters of this fabulous home’s story. His bold and sexy interior style that we are so familiar with is highlighted against the old rough natural bones of the house.



“I wanted to leave the character of the spaces as they are by enhancing the materials and playing on the contrasts by using the modernity of the furniture and the infrastructure.” – Roberto Bacioccchi.


The house which was originally intended to be a tower, occupies a street corner in the medieval core of Arezzo, the Tuscan city of his birth and the original structure of the house remains intact. The patina, forms and beams seen throughout the tower also remain the same. Colour and light combine in the residence, mixing the past with the present, to define its strange charm.


There is a multitude of detail. The use of mixed raw materials is done so effortlessly, the rough irregular texture of ths tone compliments the clean lines of glass used all over the house. Wood is also prominently used to add warmth and another form of a raw organic material. There are startling texture combinations, and several rooms that feature a variety of tiles with hypnotising reflections that blend seamlessly into the sky. Not to mention the collection of Murano glass ashtrays in shapes that are as crazy and varied as his furniture. Always curated with the utmost skill. Just like the man himself.






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Roberto Baciocchi Opens the Doors of his House in Tuscany