Nicolas de Staël and Amedeo Modigliani
Fall / Winter 2023 Paris Exhibits


In the heart of Paris, art enthusiasts are in for an extraordinary treat with not one, but two exceptional art exhibits that promise to take you on a captivating journey through the worlds of Nicolas de Staël, showing at Musée d’Art Moderne, and Amedeo Modigliani, showing at Musee de l’Orangerie. Both exhibitions provide a rare opportunity to explore the depths of these artists’ creativity, which have long been overlooked in the shadow of their tragic endings. Brimming with unseen treasures, these exhibitions tell untold stories and they’re set to redefine your perception of 20th-century art.


Nicolas de Staël at Musée d’Art Moderne
Sept 9th 2023 – Jan 21st 2024

Nicolas de Staël, a Russian-born French artist, left an indelible mark on the 20th-century art scene, not only for his exceptional talent but also for the enigmatic story that shrouded his life and work. Forced into exile as a child by the tumultuous events of the 1917 Russian revolution, de Staël lived a hopeless romantic life, plagued by ill-fated love affairs. Offering to run away with forbidden lovers and professing his love to married, unattainable woman. His story took a tragic turn in 1955 when, at the age of 41, jumped to his death out of his Cote d’Azur atelier, after a married woman whom he was obsessed with had rejected him. His hopeless romantic passion and the dramatic end overshadowed his remarkable career, during which he produced over 1,100 oil paintings and a number of drawings in just 15 years.

Nicolas De Staël - French artist exhibit in Paris 2023 

De Staël’s relentless pursuit of love led him to forbidden affairs, a testament to his passionate and tormented soul. Some art experts refer to it as the “De Staël Myth,” how his heart’s romantic yearnings and tragic end has eclipsed the thousands of oil paintings he created during his brief yet brilliant career.

Nicolas stael paris exhibit 2023  nicolas stael landscape painting  

The Musée d’Art Moderne exhibit will aim to put art back at the center of De Staël’s story. With a collection of 200 of de Staël paintings, drawings, engravings, and notebooks. Many pieces that were once apart of private collections that have never been seen in public before. Carefully selected by curators and meticulously arranged in chronological order, this presentation illuminates the profound originality of De Staël as a true artist. Visit this exhibit before it comes to an end on January 21st, 2024.

Visit paris to see never before seen paintings and drawings from nicolas de stael  

Visit the paris museum to see more of Stael's work.  


Amedeo Modigliani: A Painter and His Dealer at Musee de l’Orangerie
Sept 20th  2023 – Jan 15th  2024

Amedeo Modigliani, a Jewish artist of Italian descent, stands as one of the most prominent figurative painters of the early 20th century.  At the age of 16, Modigliani was diagnosed with Tuberculosis which would slowly kill him over the next 20 years. He was aware of how short his life would be, confessing later to a friend that he sought above all une vie brève mais intense, “a brief but intense life”. In 1917 he had moved to Côte d’Azur, fell in love and had a child with a young painter named Jeanne Hébuterne, whom he had painted a number of times some of his best and most intimate artwork. In 1920 after returning to Paris, Modigliani’s health was quickly taking a turn for the worst. On January 24, 1920 Modigliani tragically passed from tuberculosis meningitis. Days later, Jeanne jumped to her death 8 months pregnant with their second child. His artistic signature is unmistakable, with portraits and nudes characterized by bold contours, long oval faces, and elongated bodies, shining through his paintings and sculptures.

Amedeo Modigliani Italian Painter exhibit in Paris 2023 

Modigliani left an artistic mark on the world, particularly due to his association with a supportive dealer who recognized his exceptional talent, Paul Guillaume. Paul played a pivotal role in encouraging Modigliani to refine his craft, securing him a studio in Montmartre, and introducing his work to influential artistic circles in Paris. The current exhibit is an exploration of unique dynamic between the painter and his dealer, showcasing over a hundred canvases, fifty drawings, and a dozen sculptures that passed through the dealer’s hands.

Amedeo Modigliani. Visit Paris to witness the genius work of the Italian artist

Delve into the dealer’s unwavering belief in Modigliani’s talent and highlighting their influence on key figures of the Parisian art scene during that era, including Max Jacob, Andre Rouveyre, and Jean Cocteau. This focused project offers fresh insights into Modigliani’s artistic process, revealing new secrets and casting a new light on his practice.

Modigliani's portrait of his wife and mother of his child. Visit Paris to see more of Modigliani's work Modigliani's portrait of Jeanne in a yellow sweater. Find more archives of his work in Paris. 

A painter and his dealer Paris Exhibit. Learn more about Modigliani with this art exhibit in Paris.



While the lives of these two artists were tragically brief, their enduring passion for love, art, and the world around them is brilliantly reflected in their masterpieces. Discovering the works of Nicolas de Staël and Amedeo Modigliani provides an opportunity to explore their unique perspectives, creative brilliance, and the profound impact they’ve had on the art world. By immersing yourself in the beauty of their creations, you’ll gain fresh insights into the human condition and the complexities of love and emotion.

Whether you’re a seasoned art enthusiast or simply curious about the stories and artwork associated with the names Nicolas de Staël and Amedeo Modigliani, I invite you to Paris to witness their brilliance firsthand.

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