In southeastern France, just off the winding roads of Provence, hidden on the plains of Montauroux, lies the former residence of Mr. Christian Dior-Le Château de La Colle Noire. It is in this shelter that the “Miss Dior, 12 Female Artists” exhibition is being held until November 1. The spirit of Dior is reflected in each of the House’s products and in the care taken at every stage of their production. From Grasse to Paris to the Dior Gardens, Parfums Christian Dior enhances the most beautiful ingredients so that each of its creations helps shape its global aura.

Twelve outstanding female artists from all over the world have been fully commissioned to immortalize this iconic perfume in original works of art. More than a dozen sculptures celebrate all aspects of Miss Dior perfume, from plant ingredients to iconic bows, and more importantly, the essence of femininity.

One of our owners Jean-Noel had the opportunity to visit the exhibition in all its splendor. The house itself was quite a spectacle. Filled with exquisite french textiles and vintage pieces the interior design highlighted the masterpieces positioned at completely different corners of the Château de La Colle Noire. Jean-Noel also had the chance to view a few of Monsieur Dior’s private belongings and his workspaces where he created some of his most iconic pieces. Here are a few images he took of his visit as well as some beautiful professional images taken of the exhibit and the artist as well.


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12 Female Artists Come Together to Reimagine the Miss Dior Fragrance