“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” 

-Marcel Proust

As we reveal our newly arrived collection of European luxury furnishings and fine art, we also embrace the jubilance of our community from Austin, Texas to Nice, France, Murano, Italy and beyond. Our creative and diverse alliance of designers, collectors, and enthusiasts is awake with talent and vision. This spirit fosters our continued ventures as brothers, Jean-Marc and Jean-Noël, scour Europe hand-selecting authentic antiques, coveted designer pieces, hand-blown Murano glass, and decorative arts for our gallery.

By keeping abreast of regional fine artists, like Marissa Starr, we endeavor to stay connected to up-and-coming contemporary artists. Her new series of work entitled, The Merge: Land, Water and Sky, explores the realism of Nature in a trinity of earthly manifestations juxtaposed against the wonder of childhood. These contrasting elements coalesce in an unanticipated harmony over a palette of sage, teal, indigo, tangerine, canary and eggshell. The textures of these works are alive with grit, oil, and crayon on panel. For a full representation of Starr’s latest series, please visit our online art gallery here. A special ‘Thank you’ to our local community for coming out to celebrate “The Merge” with us!

Painting by Marissa Starr MS56

Marissa Starr, The Merge – Sky, 2017

Speaking of celebrations, after two decades of bringing daring and exquisite designer imports from Europe, Jean-Marc Fray Antiques continues to thrive because of YOU. This Thanksgiving we wish you the warmth of friends, family, and positive relationships which are the enduring gifts of our lives. To you, we are ever-grateful…