Jean-Marc and Jean-Noël have been fortunate during their most recent shopping trips in finding some of the most exceptional examples of Macassar of Ebony pieces from the Art Deco period— buffets, side tables, bookcases, and more. These pieces usually adorned very noble homes and mansions from the 40’s to the late 60’s in Paris and the other great cities of France, such a Lyon and Marseille.

17B65-Macassar-and-Brass-Buffet-MAIN 17B65-Macassar-and-Brass-Buffet-GALLERY

The wood to create these stunning pieces comes from a flowering tree that is endemic to the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia, and is named from the main seaport on the island: Makassar.

17B41-Mid-Century-Macassar-Bookcase-MAIN 17B41-Mid-Century-Macassar-Bookcase-h

Macassar of Ebony is multicolored, streaked with variations of brown and black. The grain typically consists of straight, crisp lines, and the furniture pieces created using this wood reflect a similar clean design with superb craftsmanship.


For centuries this unique and beautiful wood has been highly appreciated and favored by woodworkers, leading to its inevitable scarcity. The region in Indonesia is now very restricted, further reducing access to this rare and special wood.

16C21-Mid-Century-Buffet-with-Black-Glass-Top-MAIN 16C21-Mid-Century-Buffet-with-Black-Glass-Top-f

Ebony wood in general is among the most expensive in the world. Therefore, the subset Macassar of Ebony is considered to be even more valuable, making it the world’s finest wood.


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