The Venice Biennale is a contemporary visual art exhibition held biennielly, and features artists from all around the world. First held in 1895, it was organized to celebrate the silver anniversary of King Umberto I and Margherita of Savoy. One of the main goals of the exhibit was to lay the foundation for a new market of contemporary art. The Venice Biennale was the original biennale on which others in the world have been modeled.

This year marks the 58th International Art Exhibition, titled May You Live In Interesting Times.


Verhoeven twins: “Moments of Happiness”


“Moments of Happiness”, designboom


7 years in the making, the Dutch Verhoeven Twins fuse modern technology and machinery with artistry and craft to create this stunning exhibit. It’s composed of giant borosilicate glass bubbles frozen forever in time.


Giant glass bubbles from “Moments of Happiness”, Forbes


Jeroen and Joep Verhoeven, TL Magazine


When asked for the inspiration behind this eye catching exhibit: “Bubbles have existed for thousands of years and are so iconic as a symbol of happiness and innocence but also of futility. At any moment it can burst. And that is the same with happiness, you can’t control it.”



Ian Cheng: “BOB” (Bag of Beliefs)


BOB by Ian Cheng, Timeout


U.S. artist Ian Cheng’s focus for his art exhibit deals with a form of AI (artificial intelligence). He developed a computer programmed environment that is able to mutate and evolve. “It is a format to deliberately exercise the feelings of confusion, anxiety, and cognitive dissonance that accompany the experience of unrelenting change.”


B.O.B. – Bag of Beliefs, Deskgram


BOB is a program whose personality, values, and body are growing continually. Being driven by human interaction via an IOS app, these actions influence the life script and behavioral patterns of this sophisticated social art form.



Hrafnhildur Arnadottir aka Shoplifter: “Chromo Sapiens”


“Chromo Sapiens”, designboom


Hrafnhildur Arnadottir aka Shoplifter: “Chromo Sapiens”

In this critically acclaimed installation, the Icelandic artist uses her signature material – synthetic hair – to transform a warehouse into a multi-sensory, cavernous experience immersing visitors in explosive color, sound, and textures. A viewer will enter as a homo sapien, but leave as a Chromo Sapien.


Lounging in the main chamber of “Chromo Sapiens”, twitter


A major aspect of Shoplifter’s work comes from chromo-therapy: the release of serotonin that can happen when your senses are overwhelmed with colour.


The final calming chamber of “Chromo Sapiens”, designboom


Inside the “Chromo Sapiens” exhibit, designboom


The Art Biennale is open to the public from Saturday May 11th to Sunday November 24th 2019. For tickets, brochures, and more information you can visit LaBiennale.org