Joffrey Mongin is a French fashion designer who has only been in the spotlight for a couple years, but is breaking boundaries and making great impact in the design industry. We recently caught up with him to ask him about his influences, his latest projects, and more.

An interview with Joffrey Mongin

Where in France were you born, and where do you currently reside?

I was born in Paris. I’ve explored other parts of France, but I’m still a Parisian lover. 

What’s your favorite thing about your city?

Paris is full of art and memories. The city is based on [its] romantic spirit and famous spots. All disciplines are developed off of the history, and it’s a good way to live and to learn about it, just by walking in the street. International culture is available in every part of the city.

Do you have any upcoming events?

I’m developing commercial part of my brand and thinking about a new way to showcase my collection.

What drove you to become a designer?

It’s all about willpower. I began with meeting a need when I was young, to do alterations on my clothes, then studied in Parisian fashion school to [guide] my technical knowledge.

Your biggest influence?

I’m always appreciative of french Couture. People who have created a style, and have point of view disconnected to fashion, artistic expression, more than commercial trends, they can rock the world and do devotion, they can show to the world that there are conventions we need to think if we want to be in an evolution, as John Galliano, Gabrielle Chanel, Alexander McQueen. I appreciate designers who are working as architects, in their entire work as Schiaparelli, Jean Paul Gaultier, Azzedine Alaïa, Chalayan.

What’s the hardest challenge you faced in launching your brand?

To do work recognized more than passion.

Your favorite project?

When I decided to go to Canada to showcase my collection.

What’s your drink of choice?


What is your ideal weekend getaway?

Escaping to the countryside with [relaxation] and sun, or a big city [trip] with a lot of culture, liveliness and colors.

How do you feel about antiques?

I never buy something new, I think that beauty is about things that we think and create in the moment.

Define your personal style.

When it comes to my clothes, it’s [artsy], structural and timelessly elegant.

Guilty pleasure? 

No work [for the whole] day, [pack a small bag] and go out.

What’s the best piece of advise you’ve ever been given?

To be confident with yourself more than with people, and to know our limits so you can overtake them.

What’s next?

[I’m developing my new collection and thinking of new ways to showcase the work.]




Read more about Joffrey’s work at JoffreyMongin.com