A Peek into the Life & Style of Gregory Grammer of Shorelines Interiors

Gregory Grammer of Shoreline Interiors is a cut above the rest. His design influence is rooted in travel and his love of fine arts. When he enters a clients’ home you won’t find him pulling out paint colors or fabric swatches, rather you will be pulling out historic family photos, antiques and art from your closet, attic or basement. His design will surround your lifestyle, history and taste in an atmosphere that embodies your soul and personality. Read our Q&A with Gregory below to hear more about his interior design history and influence.




What did you do before becoming a designer?

Before becoming a designer, I owned a bookstore in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia Canada.  I spent a decade remodeling a 19th century home on the coast…see photos of the project here.

When did you know that you wanted to be an interior designer? Or that you wanted to own your own business?

I did not want to be an interior designer, but I had a party in my Canadian home 20 years ago, and a guest of a friend, visiting from San Francisco, told me that I should be doing design work and to just go for it.


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How did you get your start? // What were your first steps?

Friends asked me to help with their homes after seeing my bookshop renovation and my home.  Antique stores in the area led me to some big clients.

Tell us about your design/creative process.

 I treat all of my projects with a point-of-view derived from my training in television production.  I “see” clients’ spaces through an imagined “camera lens” to see where the eye lands and wants to follow the natural energy of a home.

What project are you most proud of so far? Why?

 I am proud of the projects where the client has trusted my advice and the result was beyond their expectations. Below are some of my favorites:

A fireplace I designed in conflict with the builder and architect:
It’s 22’ x 15’ with the mantel at 7’. The goal was to keep the eye from focusing on the 60’ screen. The plans called for a center fireplace with the television above…room-destoying configuration.




A home transformed with wallpapers and exquisite lighting: Master Bedroom featuring Pierre Frey wallpaper and Jean-Marc Fray Murano glass lamps.
Transforming a window view with an antique Burmese board carved with griffin. It took several months to prepare the space and the boards, build the cornice, upholster the cornice, then install the whole thing.
Knowing your book collection – what are your go-to design books or your favorite book?
Below are a few faves from my extensive design library.
Glamour: Making it Modern by Michael Lassell
American Modern by Thomas O’Brien
The New Eighteenth-Century Style by Michèle Lalande
Moorish Style by Miles Danby
Where are your favorite places to shop/source for projects?Jean-Marc Fray Antiques, Antique Swan, Negrel, Lotus, James, Supply, Circa Lighting, and Designer Showrooms.


Besides interior design, what are your hobbies?

World Travel to study art and architecture and photography to record.
What advice do you have for someone wanting to enter the design field who doesn’t necessarily have the degree or the experience?
Take a lot of photos to record your work, then create a website and Instagram your work-in-progress.
Do any of your travels inspire your style? If so, where?
Istanbul was a major influence the past 5 years. Any travel destination offers insight on ways to live as long as you want to see!
Favorite design blogs, local design shops/boutiques/etc., favorite place to eat in Austin?
I don’t spend much time with blogs but I do look at Belgians Pearls at times…classic. Clark’s is my favorite bar/restaurant in town for it’s atmosphere and on-point Vesper martinis.
Do you attend any professional events/workshops in the design industry? Or markets? What do you recommend?
I don’t attend many workshops, as I am rarely interested in the latest product.  I mostly read books and travel to inspect great houses of the world in person.
Tell us about a favorite JMF piece that you’ve previously purchased for a project or for your own home?
The Murano glass that I induce any client to obtain to enrich their homes (e.g., the lamps in the project above).
Favorite design period? (e.g., Mid-century Modern, Art Deco, Industrial, Neoclassical, Art Nouveau, Contemporary, Scandinavian, etc.)
Favorite design period is the age of the Country Houses in England, Ireland, and Scotland…layers that tell a story.
Visit Shoreline Interiors’ website to learn more, or to work with Gregory on your next design project.
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