We have a new artist coming to Jean-Marc Fray! Bènèdict Accaray, known as Miss Bel will be showcasing her paintings in our showroom this year in April so we wanted to share her story. Her pieces will arrive in our showroom late April but are currently available to purchase online.

Miss Bel’s work seduces and captivates with its choice of colors and by this powerful energy that emanates from her paintings. Her works impose themselves by their specificity, their depth as well as by the explosion of nuances. 

After training in the Arts at the Saint Luc Institute in Belgium, Miss Bel joined the creative team of Publicis. After working at Publicis in the creative department, Miss Bel moved to Africa where she taught Studio Arts and French within the French Alliance for adults and children. During this time she was inspired to use bright and powerful colours, and started combining metals and color.

Once she got back to France, she settled in Brittany and devoted herself fully to her art. Her work was later featured in different exhibits around the world such as galleries in New York, Paris, Shanghai, Cannes, Marseille, and Parma. Her art was also seen in the Salons des Indépendants exhibit where she won several awards. 

Miss Bel lets her initial subject evaporate towards more abstraction by mixing writing, scratching, and collaging with layers of pigments. Her ability to invest her talent with passion using hybrid techniques on canvas or wood, on small and large formats, all imbued with monumentality, allows her to transcribe a world straight out of her poetic imagination. Developing the cult of strength and vigor through the choice of flamboyant tones, such as that of the softness through the subtle layout of the curves, Miss Bel possesses within her the mastery of harmony, using a feast of unbridled colors on the canvas like a tremendous intoxication of the senses, concentrating energy of his inspiration on a melted treatment of the material.

To read more about Miss Bel, check out her website! Miss-Bel.com