Twisted Sculpture by Joyce DiBona

Twisted Sculpture by Joyce DiBona
"Twisted" Sculpture by Joyce DiBona CT356

This original work of art “Twisted” by Joyce DiBona is made of acrylic, epoxy, and fiberglass with pen and ink for all of the illustrations.

The work begins with deconstructed mannequin parts–my mom would cut them up into multiple pieces and start rebuilding the body using fiberglass sheets and epoxy in order to get the right posture, shape of the hands, body type, face, hair, etc. This part was Industrial– she wore a mask, used saws, sand paper, C clamps and other tools. She would spend anywhere from 4-8 weeks on the base sculpture until she had a form that was acceptable. The rest was sculpted with epoxy for finer details before she sanded and painted the entire form white.

Once that was done, she moved to the pen and ink illustrations. This took another 4-6 months to complete: Each illustration went on with a pencil using rough sketches and was then followed up with pen & ink and a magnifying glass. I always thought it was impressive that she did not use any stencils, projectors, or something like that– everything was free-form. She probably would have been an amazing tattoo artist had she ever pursued it.

The pen and ink was when it was most fragile — everything had to be done in a clean environment and it would smudge easily if touched or rubbed by accident. That is still a risk for damaging the piece, but not as much because she has sealed the entire piece. The base is steel I believe and the two pieces are not fixed, so someone could put it on a different type of base if they ever wanted to.