“Heart Chakra” Original Alan Serota Framed Painting

"Heart Chakra” Original Alan Serota Framed Painting
"Heart Chakra" Original Framed Painting by Alan Serota AS4

“Heart Chakra” is an original mixed-media painting in oil and acrylic with gold leaf on canvas by Alan Serota. Framed. Canvas is 24” x 24”.

Artist statement:

Emotion and illumination of deep feelings swirl on this canvas. Cadmium red and true gold contrast with the satin black background. Love is the theme.

My work revolves around an understanding of spatial recognition, color, and Movement. It is propelled onto canvas with intuitive guidance and a constant flow of energy from beginning to end. I attempt to capture themes as they evolve using palette knife, brushwork, and other creative techniques. The end result brings forth a joyous sense of placement and color dancing across the canvas.