Thursday, March 02, 2017

Top Hotel Interiors

With a surge of nice weather, we have our minds set on jet-setting. Over the next couple of weeks, we’re going to feature everything to do with travel, from hotel interiors to some of our favorite travel destinations and more.

This week, we’re divulging our favorite hotels from Lake Como, Italy to St. Barths!

Hotel Providence – Paris, France

In the heart of the Eastern district of Paris, sits a beautiful boutique hotel featuring eighteen beautifully designed rooms. Each room is individually decorated and showcases stunning wallpapers, carefully chosen vintage furniture, and gorgeous architecture with stunning windows and terraces. A must-see and must-stay if you’re planning a trip to Paris!


The Ritz – Paris, France

Another Paris wonder, the Ritz, was recently renovated and now features a dreamy combination of historic and vintage pieces alongside a modern lifestyle. We love that the room below encapsulates the beloved French flat look-and-feel, and really appreciate the mix of pattern, fabric and finish.


Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge – Botswana, South Africa 

The design of this beautiful hotel was influenced by the African armadillo. The overall structure is rich with curves and scales. Even better? The hotel is built completely from bio-degradable materials and is made up primarily of wood. We appreciate the simplicity and organic nature of this design, and its ability to live amongst the wild. We’re adding this to our travel bucket list asap!


Hotel Henriette – Paris, France 

Yet another Paris great, the Hotel Henriette provides an intimate, boutique experience to all of its guests. Designed by Vanessa Scoffier, its 18 rooms feature bold color pallets, brass fixtures and our ever-favorite – wallpaper!


Hotel II Soreno – Lake Como, Italy

Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola was involved with all aspects of the design of Hotel II Soreno, from the architecture and bedroom furnishings to the private boats! We love the coastal-inspired color palette against the beautiful wood grain throughout the room pictured below.


Belmond Villa San’Andrea – Sicily, Italy

If this gorgeous hotel setting doesn’t give you the travel bug, then we don’t know what will! Ocean views, airy furniture with bright pops of color and a stunning vintage chandelier will captivate anyone who enters the room. The photos just don’t do it justice!


Hotel Panache – Paris, France

We have this thing with Paris…and we can’t get enough of the contrast between the clean ivory walls and stunning orange velvet seating areas. And don’t even get us started on the brass details! This hotel seems like a beautiful place to relax and curl up with an espresso and a good book.


Lords South Beach – Miami, Florida

Relax and unwind in Miami, Florida at Lord’s South Beach amongst yellow and white striped wallpaper and leather-studded chairs with pops of bright blue throughout. Retro, fun vibes make this the perfect spot for any trip among friends!



Ville Marie – St. Barths

When Jocelyne Sibuet began designing and refurbishing Ville Marie (formerly hotel François Plantation) she knew she had to pay homage to its history with a plantation/colonial style in mind. From the moment she purchased the property, she spent all of her time researching the hotel’s history, West Indies culture and design. She then traveled all over India, Indonesia, Morocco, Pakistan, Peru and Tunisia with her daughter sourcing elements and pieces for their new project. From stonewashed Indian fabrics, rattan furnishings and gypset accessories throughout, this hotel is rich with culture and history – each room thought provoking and full of soul.

She said “I start with one piece, one important piece, and add many things around it, so that eventually I get something that’s a little bit cool, a little bit funny, all of it thoughtful, but not too precious.”

All of this said, we think this one may be our current favorite – and the next place to visit on our list!


Villa Marie Saint Barth - jmf-hotel-blog


We hope you enjoyed our feature on our favorite hotels of the moment. In honor of Spring Break season, we’ll be featuring even more travel inspirations over the next couple of weeks. Next up? A feature on one of our favorite vacation spots!

Visit our Hotel Interiors Pinterest board to see more! 



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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Wallpaper Wonder – Top 6 Designs of the Moment

This week we’re talking about (and gushing over) wallpaper. Wallpaper is back in style, and we’ve seen a variety of ways to incorporate it into any space. From bold colors and prints to delightful textures and more, we’re sharing our top 6 inspirations of the moment.

We love the moody vibes that his Flat Vernacular wallpaper from Supply Showroom evokes. Photo courtesy of Stone Textile.


Here’s another fantastic wallpaper from Supply Showroom. We love the depth it provides to this vignette, and the way it complements the pieces – from the lamps to the throw pillows. Photo courtesy of Christina Turknett Interiors.


If you’ve ever heard of the book, The New Bohemians by Justina Blakeney , then it will be no surprise that the designer behind this gorgeous wallpaper is Justina herself! We love the mix of yellows and golds against the leather armchair. We think this paper would pair beautifully with any of our vintage leather armchairs and sofas!


This bathroom design by Bunny Williams features beautiful wallpaper by designer Peter Fasano. As evidenced here, it too pairs well with antique pieces – just like the 19th century French iron-and-marble sink from Treillage pictured below! We’d love to see it with some of our marble-topped case pieces or vintage mirrors.


This hotel room at the Hotel Providence in Paris, France is exquisitely decorated. Not only is the wallpaper impactful, but the carefully curated design with antique pieces also provides great decorative impact to the overall space. The large windows to the terrace really round out the look.


The use of florals in decor is on the rise – and this detailed wallpaper mural is one of the most impactful uses we’ve ever seen. We love the look and feel of the design – rich pops of color while maintaining an erratic vibe with the high-contrast dark gray background. The side table complements the space used up by the mural quite well too!


If you’re looking to add depth your space with the use of wallpaper – we highly recommend working with our friends at James Showroom or Supply Showroom. And if you’re in search of a piece to complement your new wallpapered space, look no further than our showroom!

Visit our showroom to find pieces to match your wallpaper decor!

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Lucite Luxury & Our New Arrivals

Lucite is back and it’s here to stay.

French designer Erwine Laverne once said, “The most important element in rooms is people, not furniture.” Erwine and his wife Estelle became famous for their Lucite chairs and made the case for lucite furniture in 1959. Decades have passed, but we’re happy to say that lucite is back and it’s here to stay.


Though lucite was most popular during the 50’s-60’s, it was actually introduced in the 1930’s. Among the first collectors was Polish-American businesswoman and art collector, Helena Rubinstein. Helena collected art, furniture and decor in bulk and was well known in the design community. It’s unclear if an interior decorator introduced her to lucite, or if she found it herself, but she remains known for her glowing lucite sleigh bed from Paris.

Photo – Life Magazine circa 1941

What we love most about lucite furniture is its ability to remove clutter from a space. Coffee tables, chair legs, or any other type of pedestal furniture can seemingly add chaos to a space. The use of lucite furniture completely removes that worry. This is especially useful today when people are moving into smaller and smaller spaces. There is a large focus right now on living with minimalism – and acrylic or lucite pieces are the perfect solution!

Below are some of our favorite uses of lucite furniture. What are some of your favorite looks? Share with us in the comments below!






Even more exciting news about lucite? We’ve added some STUNNING new lucite pieces to our collection. From two-tiered transparent tables juxtaposed with shining brass, to a beautiful Mid-Century Modern mix of lucite, brass and chrome -these new tables are must-haves for any modern home. Shop now.

Mid-Century Modern French coffee table made of brass, glass, and lucite. This stunning table has major decorative impact and two tiers of glass. The transparent lucite juxtaposed with the polished brass make this such a unique and lovely piece. The canted corners and high quality make this a wonderful piece to add to a modern or eclectic living space!


French Mid-Century Modern coffee table with two glass shelves made of beautiful lucite and polished brass. The modern sleek links of the frame pair well with the decorative spherical brass finials.


Modernist French coffee table from 1970 by Maison Raphael. This stunning piece is made of glass, brass, and lucite. With a clear glass piece sitting on top of a transparent lucite and polished brass frame, this elegant table is a favorite in our gallery. It draws attention with its sleek lines, modern features, and excellent condition.


This large coffee table made of brass, chrome, and Lucite has wonderful Mid-Century Modern style. The frame pairs brass and chrome together beautifully and brings a sleek, modern look. The top of the table slides open, creating a display case within the Lucite casing. This piece is so unique and perfect for a sophisticated living room. The functionality and beautiful lines will work well in a modern space. The table’s polished metal and simplicity is so eye-catching!
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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Glass Favorites of the Moment

Glass Favorites

Now that it’s February, we’re in the mood to talk about things we love. We are proud to have a high quality, unique offering of glass (and especially Murano glass) pieces in our showroom, and online. Jean-Marc and Jean-Noel travel all over Europe seeking out the most beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces they can find. And if you ask, they can probably tell you a story about each piece – where they found it, who owned it, intricate details about the different patterns and colors in the glass…the list goes on. We believe that when planning a design in your home, you want to source pieces that can be more than aesthetically pleasing. You want a conversation piece, something with a story or something that draws guests into the room. We’re very proud that our glass lighting and accessories have refined, historic elegance and have stood the test of time – making a definite decorative impact in any modern home. Check out some of our glass favorites below!

Large Stamped Murano Glass Lantern

This striking fixture catches the light through the stamped and textured Murano glass panes. We love the luminous aura and chevron designs! This piece exudes high quality and sophistication and will completely redefine any space.


Murano Glass “Avventurina” Gold Table Lamps

23 karat gold flecks make this pair of handblown Murano glass table lamps shimmer in appearance (”Avventurina” process).

Table Lamps with Avventurina Gold 17A664

Blue and Amber Art Deco Murano Glass Bowl

This handblown Art Deco Murano glass bowl is stunning in light amber, aquamarine blue, and a clear base. This one-of-a-kind piece is beautifully transparent and of the highest quality.


“Pulegoso” Murano Glass Vases

We adore this new three vase set made of handblown Murano glass. Each vase has a mercury lining, giving it a reflective green hue. The Pulegoso technique enhances the colors, leaving various sized bubbles in the glass. These vases are made by Alberto Donà.



Wavy “Avventurina” Murano Glass Bowl Set

More “Avventurina” pieces in our gallery right now! Beautiful hand-blown Murano glass bowls with a shimmering hue. These bowls feature wavy edges and have an organic air to them. The shimmery appearance comes from the 23-karat gold flecks in the clear glass (hence the term “Avventurina”).

Avventurina Murano Glass Pair of Bowls 16C119

Empire Style French Antique Crystal Chandelier

A new arrival you can’t pass up – this Empire style crystal chandelier with a gilt brass, embossed structure  features a lovely array of detailed cut crystals. Purchased in France – we think this piece would be excellent in a master bedroom, bathroom or entry.

JMF_W117_Gallery 4_v2-glass-chandelier

These are only a select few of our latest new glass arrivals right now! We have a beautiful collection and can guarantee you will find something perfect for your home or project. To see more of our beautiful glass products, visit our website here.

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