Thursday, April 27, 2017

Floors – A Love Affair

Floors are more than just the ground we walk on. They are the basis of any space. Be it outdoors, inside or in a grand entryway or lobby. From texture, material, color and style – the opportunities are endless!

Take this outdoor pool area for example. We love finding imagery like this while daydreaming and filling up our Pinterest boards with design inspiration. The use of tile surrounding the green mosaic pool is exquisite! We could vacation here, and we’d probably never leave!


Who doesn’t love a modern bathroom reno? This black and white tile looks like sound waves or scribbles of black and we can’t get enough. Absolutely stunning against the crisp white tub, brass fixtures, natural wood vanity and cement walls!


We’re sure you recommend this image from Sketch in London, designed by India Mahdavi. For once, we’re somewhat overlooking the pink chairs to focus on the details in the stunning tile design! Absolutely mesmerizing.


Mixing wood and gold tones – divine and regal. While we’re sure this is perfect in a large ballroom, we could also see it pairing beautifully with antique pieces and Murano glass lighting in a bedroom…maybe even the master suite!


This image evokes everything we love about black and white floors. In this image, it’s actually more than just the floor. It’s how the shiny floors mix with the natural foliage, green and red walls and the vibrant furniture. The floors really jazz this space up in a way that tempts you into booking travel asap!


We could go on and on about designer floors – our photo inspirations on Pinterest are endless! Visit our Pinterest board to see more of the world’s greatest flooring designs, and while you’re at it, stop by to check in on our newest arrivals too!



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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Murano Glass Chandeliers & Modern Homes

Murano glass chandeliers & the homes they live in


Murano glass – a material we’re always talking, searching and obsessing over at Jean-Marc Fray Antiques. Jean-Marc and Jean-Noel are currently spending time in Venice doing just that! You may have seen some fun photos on our Instagram over the last couple of weeks. Whether it’s sourcing rare, antique pieces or designing new chandeliers and lamps – we’re always working with this exquisite material and style. On theme with their current buying trip, we’re talking all things Murano glass chandeliers on Le Blog this week. Specifically, how to mix this historic and unique glassware with modern interior design.


We sourced the image above through a quick search on Pinterest, but we would recommend using a similar chandelier from our gallery (of course)! This aquamarine Murano glass chandelier by Barbini is a striking and magnificent way to add color to a space filled with a primarily neutral color palette.


We love everything about this modern farmhouse kitchen. From the shiplap walls to the cornflower blue cabinets and mirrored kitchen island. The real statement in this image though, is the floral Murano glass chandelier. This is a great way to dress up an otherwise fairly simple space!


It’s no surprise that we love statement lighting at JMF, and we have a couple flower chandeliers in stock at the moment just like the image above. Both Murano glass, flower chandeliers are by Cenedese. Information for the chandelier on the top can be found here, and information about the chandelier on the bottom can be found here.

jean-marc-fray-murano-glass-flower-chandelier-by-cenedese-d-428x599 (1)



A cascading chandelier is always a good idea. We love the juxtaposition of this glamorous fixture against the vintage tulip table and chairs.


You too, can own a cascading Murano glass chandelier. We have a variety available, but this one is one of our favorites.


Sputnik chandeliers – a widely popular style right now in interior design. Authentic vintage design, prisms for days.


We seem to have a thing for the sputnik style, and have a wide variety of this style available in the gallery right now. To see a full range of our available lighting, click here.




Our relationship with Murano glass is a bit of a long time love affair, and we have no interest in ending that anytime soon! Stay tuned to our blog, emails and website to see our latest Murano glass arrivals, and for even more – visit our Pinterest board!



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