Thursday, April 25, 2013

Art Deco Shines In Great Gatsby Remake

An opulent mansion, lavish parties, sequined dresses, a mysterious millionaire, beautiful women, and a scandal – all wrapped in the aura of The Roaring Twenties – come alive in the new film adaptation of The Great Gatsby. Baz Luhrmann’s remake of the film already has the style conscious buzzing as a new sartorial inspiration prepares to launch on the big screen.

A character as iconic as the 1920’s era itself, the wealthy and mysterious Jay Gatsby is played by the talented Leonardo Di Caprio. Secluded in his grand mansion, the furtive Gatsby throws nightly parties, with liquor flowing and guests fluttering around lavish interiors filled with Lalique style glass, sweeping stair cases, period furniture, and magnificent Art Deco pieces.

A screenshot from an intense scene of the film showcases not just the era’s cutting edge fashion, but also a variety of high-end, high quality furniture; pieces that find their way into an interior design concept that successfully mixes vintage and antique furniture.

A single glimpse of the magnificent exterior of the Gatsby mansion, and one can easily imagine what extravagant treasures furnish its rooms and halls. Interior design in the 1920’s gave birth to the Art Deco style. Forms are sophisticated and feature strong geometric designs. Exotic woods such as rosewood, teak, and mahogany were used. Many materials were used for detail, such as veneers, lacquers and high French polish, plastic, Lucite and metal.

French Art Deco Macassar Buffet attributed to Jules Leleu, French Vintage Lucite, Brass-Glass Cocktail Table

The clean lines of the Art Deco period furniture lend itself to integration with other, earlier styles – such as Louis Philippe or Louis XVI. Chairs of this period lean towards the Directoire or Restoration styles, with comfortable, deep seats, upholstered in fabrics or leather, sometimes entirely. Tables are round, oval or rectangular and many new table forms come into being such as the coffee table, tea table, and other small side tables.

The Art Deco era was characterized by opulence and a lavish lifestyle, for those who could afford it. Ever the gracious host, Gatsby’s illustrious nightly parties spilled out of the grand halls of his home to his glistening pool and lush gardens. 

In the decades after the “war to end all wars,” the world enjoyed an economic boom in the Roaring Twenties, followed by the Great Depression. The boom and bust took physical form in the great design trend of those decades: Art Deco. Even outside, Art Deco finds placement in terms of architecture and decor.

French Art Deco Period Jardinieres

French Pair of Terra Cotta Pots from Anduze

Set for a May 10th release, the anticipation for the film is as grand as the elusive Gatsby himself.
We can’t wait!

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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Coco Chanel “Sheaf of Wheat” Side Tables

Pair of Coco Chanel “Sheaf of Wheat” End Tables


 In the golden age of fashion, when the Parisian couture houses reigned supreme, the surrealist painter, Salvador Dali, presented the legendary couturier, Coco Chanel with a gorgeous table for her Rue Cambon apartment. Today, the now classic “Sheaf of What” design is highly coveted by collectors worldwide. A pair of these luxurious tables are currently on display in our gallery, but surely, they won’t be around for very long. Don’t miss this opportunity to bring in a glamorous piece of history into your home.


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