Friday, June 29, 2012

Gorgeous Murano Royal Blue Glass Chandelier

Gorgeous Murano Royal Blue Glass Chandelier

Absolutely stunning! Hand blown Murano glass in royal blue. This chandelier is nothing less than majestic, stretching out its 8 proud branches adorned with beautiful delicate pendants – certain to enchant all its admirers. Come visit this amazing chandelier in our gallery and see for yourself just how wonderful an addition this piece would make to your home.


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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dior and Chateau de Versailles: Focus of Fine French Furnishings

The House of Dior has a longstanding history with the palace of Versailles. Recently, the palace’s mirrored halls and gilded walls have been playing host to a number of Dior’s projects ranging from editorial shoots, and short films featuring the label.

Set in one of the most emblematic locations in France, Dior makes the chic connection between fashion and history, luxury and art, brilliant architecture, and beautiful French furniture, specifically shot within the Galerie des Glaces, also known as The Great Hall or The Hall of Mirrors of the Chateau de Versailles .

Seeing this superb display of gorgeous French antiquity, we couldn’t help but show some of our own pieces, pieces that pay homage to those within the Palace at Versailles.

Gold – the one word that probably most concisely describes the palace at Versailles. Gold is a reference to the reign and the majesty of Louis XIV, know as The Sun King, the longest reigning king in European history. But of course, gold would not shine as brightly without the proper lighting to capture its luster. The halls of the palace are lined with the most marvelous chandeliers, and our gallery boasts pieces of the same magnificence.

French Antique Directoire Style Chandelier

A gorgeous piece riddled with beautiful, bright crystals, accented with intricately crafted bronze. Perfect for an entryway or any entertainment space. This will surely have your guests captivated.

French Empire Crystal and Brass Chandeliers

Two is better than one, as the old saying goes, and that certainly rings true for these twin chandeliers. Draped in luminous crystal, braced in striking brass, these two are a perfect pair, that even the Palace at Versailles would be honored to hang.

Antique Seguso Murano Glass Chandelier

A true work of art. Hand-blown Murano glass at it’s finest! This meticulously crafted piece is one of those that one almost needs to see in person to truly appreciate. As unique as it is stunning!

A beautiful woman tears from her reflection in a shot captured for one of Dior’s campaigns. The Chateau de Versailles is a lasting reminder of Louis XIV, the Sun King’s love of the arts and his taste for splendor and luxury. The Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles is not shy about reflecting back at the opulence and wealth of the monarchs responsible for its walls.

French Napolean III Black and Gold Leaf Mirror

Imposing in both its looks and its size, this grand mirror definitely makes a statement. The wonderful combination of gold on dark, black wood seamlessly frames this striking piece.

Colossal Gilded Tin Sunburst Mirror

A massive golden work of tin and glass. This mirror is one of our favorite new pieces in the gallery. It seems as though The Sun King himself might have commissioned this piece or one just like it to commemorate his reign.

This screen shot from Dior’s short film “Secret Gardden” showcases classic black and white Dior. Beautiful objets line this hallway in the Palace at Versailles, reminiscent of the many select pieces we have for sale online and at the gallery.

French Antique Empire Pedestal

As seen in the center of the Dior photograph, this 19th Century Pietra Verde Marble Column will do well to accent any space; both beautiful and functional.

Pair of Gilded Resin Heads

This marvelous pair of sculptures are both currently in our gallery. One sits atop a Vintage Chrome, Brass and Glass Maison Charles Cocktail Table, while its brother is at the center of a magnificent Vintage Octagonal Table attributed to designer, Willy Rizzo.

Shot by world renowned photographer, Patrick Demarchelier, this picturesque vignette reveals the variety of furnishings that line the walls of The Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles. Demarchelier is known for producing the best editorial photographs in the world. His eye breaths new life into the beautiful French antiques at homes in the Palace of Versailles.

Pair of Terracotta Urns from France

A pair much like this pair of urns can be found at the edges of Demarchelier’s photograph. This particular pair from France came from a chapel in the Rhone Valley. Gold leaf details show the fine French craftsmanship that created these pieces, making them timeless indeed.

Pair of Solid Brass and Glass Side Tables from France

This fabulous pair of side tables are of the highest quality of cast and gilding. Wonderful condition! Antiqued mirrors on the bottom shelves show off a great patina. Perfect for any space.

Dior’s current campaigns are a revival of classic luxury. The air of great French antiques augment the authenticity of a time when kings and queens filled these halls with their illustrious court. Come by our gallery and visit our website Re-create your version of this stunning place. Bring your vision to life.

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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Louis XVI Ebonized Mahogany Buffet

Striking and gorgeous, this piece is a testament to the belief that black is always IN. Beautiful in it’s simplicity, this is a masterpiece in the combination of black and white; hand-crafted in ebonized mahogany with a white Carrara marble top and bronze accents for a hint of elegance. The piece is smaller than most buffets we carry in the gallery, but it is this distinction in size that makes it much more versatile than most. Perfect for virtually any room! This piece will do marvelously as a staple for an entry way, a beautiful dining room piece, lowered as a vanity, or converted into a very high class lavabo for an adventurous design or remodel.


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