Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Charming in Crystal and Celestial Blue


Here at Jean-Marc Fray French Antiques, we love the magic that comes with the beauty of Murano glass, which is why we love this little piece of Italy’s artisanship. It’s charming. It’s whimsical. It’s dreamy and is a very cute chandelier, with a hint of fairy tale, childhood charm. 
The details are extremely intricate and beautiful. The clear crystal color of the body and the cups at the end of the branches are adorned with lovely celestial blue glass, a scenic blue resembling the waters surrounding the islands of Murano in Italy where glassblowing finds its best masters. This piece is sure to add an element of charm to any room. It is on display now in our gallery, just waiting to grace your lovely home.


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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Future and Fashion: Focus on Courreges, 60’s King of Paris Fashion

Andre Courreges
With today’s trends in design and fashion increasingly paying homage to the looks of the past, we are reminded of the visionary French designer, Andre Courreges. His unique, ultra modern looks were an absolute sensation in the sixties.
An engineer prior to his fashion career, Andre Courreges first worked under Cristobal Balenciaga  before starting his own house. His Space Age designs were uncluttered, futuristic, and functional. Clothes made by le Maison de Courreges were sharp, angular, almost aerodynamic. His creations were subject to highly disciplined design. 
The looks were very simple, with clean lines and sleek construction. The rise of Courrege may have been post Art Deco, nonetheless, the integrity and simplicity of Art Deco style find their way into Courreges’ aesthetic. In 1964, Courreges launched his Space Age collection. The shapes he introduced were later imitated by other big name French designers such as Pierre Cardin, and Yves Saint-Laurent.
Courrege’s Space Age look
Vintage Yves Saint-Laurent

Pierre Cardin Space Age fashion
Courreges’ collections were built, rather than merely designed. They featured strong geometric lines and used new types of material including vinyl, and even metal and plastic, creating truly unique looks never before seen in the fashion world.
1964 was the beginning of his reign as the King of Paris Fashion. Courreges was fearless in his fashion. His iconic, futuristic looks experimented with various shapes, that before, would not have been thought of as fashionable. Dubbed by many as the father of the mini-skirt, he elongated the leg by creating the shortest skirts in Paris in icy blues, spectral turquoises, vibrant oranges and greens.
Audrey Hephburn in Courrege
Courrege was heavily influenced by architectural elements. technology, modernism, and futurism. His inspirations truly came from a very interesting place, as his shapes can be found in various objects. The bulbous shape of Audrey Hephburn‘s hat for example, resemble the shape of this pair of lamps in our gallery. Click here to view other lamps in our inventory.
Pair of Murano Glass Lamps by Mazzega (QQ147)
Using a clever combination of shape and bright colors, Courreges introduced 60’s fashion to an extremely modern and revolutionary look that was magical in it’s simplicity. The term Space Age was quickly deployed to describe Courreges’ style that utilized stark shapes reminiscent of astronaut suits, creating the “moon-girl” look heavily inspired by futurism.
Current Courreges Catalog
Iconic eyewear style of Courreges
Courreges’ fashion was a revolution in more than one sense. With a background in engineering, Courreges hardened women’s fashion, opting to use more industrial type fabrics rather than soft flowing material. Ornamentation was minimal if at all used. Hemlines crept upwards symbolizing liberation for women and showcasing the beauty of youth.
Courreges broke the rules of fashion, by ignoring traditional silhouettes and materials, and bringing a new vision to life instead. The future was Courreges’ inspiration. He moved fashion forward and created a style that defined an era for the modern woman, altering the direction of fashion in the 60’s towards a more progressive genre.
Prada, 2010
On current Courreges catalog
Today, elements of Courreges design find their way unto New York and Paris runways. His innovations continue to the inspire houses of Chanel, Prada, and Marc Jacobs, to name a few. With his original vision drawing from the future, Courreges was a brilliant designer ahead of his time, whose influence is still recognized and whose creativity and talent is still used and highly valued.

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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Velvet Envy

Freshly installed in our gallery, this vintage, velvet loveseat has had eyes green with envy. This plush Italian beauty is sitting pretty with all original upholstery, in the style of visionary designer, Paolo Buffa. It is a piece that carries with it the soul of the 50’s, not only in the vintage contemporary design, but in how very comfortable this piece actually is.

The stunning green color captures the essence of the coming Spring time. Its unique hue, paired with the soft cushions will wrap you in the spirit of serenity and relaxation. So get into a good book, grab a drink, snuggle up and have a seat


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