Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Deborah Page Projects Now at Jean-Marc Fray’s at 1stdibs@NYDC

After multiple successful joint projects in the Austin area, Jean-Marc Fray teams up again in the Big Apple with Deborah Page Projects in 1stdibs’ latest venture: 1stdibs@NYDC.

Jean-Marc Fray French Antiques is one of more than 50 dealers selected by 1stDibs founder Michael Bruno to show the most vibrant and significant collection of antiques, mid-modern furnishings and art available in New York City.  This vibrant, new marketplace, which occupies the entire 10th floor of the New York Design Center at 200 Lexington Avenue, is now open to the public, Mon-Sat.

Jean-Marc Fray’s showroom at 1stdibs@NYDC currently features the works of Deborah Page Projects artist Marlene Louchheim, a talented sculptress who shares her time between studios in Los Angeles and Hawaii. This stunning collection of bronze sculptures made of burlap, bronze, aluminum and copper is a visual exploration of the subtleties and intricacies of human emotion.

“Fragments #2” by Marlene Louchheim

“Deborah Page Projects always brings fabulous, bold contemporary works of art that not only hold a clear investment value but combine beautifully with our collection”, says Jean-Marc Fray. “Marlene Louchheim’s sculptures are exquisite to behold and fit perfectly in the environment we wanted to create in our New York showroom.”

“Elevations” by Marlene Louchheim

“Marlene Louchheim has been able to create a broad range of abstract sculptures, expressing both sensuality and a sensitive understanding of formal relationships,” says renowned sculptress Deborah Butterfield. “Her sculptures are lovingly crafted and are a reflection of her life and devotion to both her wonderful family and the commitment to her art. She has succeeded on every level.”

“Dreams” by Marlene Louchheim
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Monday, March 07, 2011

L’Etabli (the Workbench)

French Antique Solid Chestnut Carpenter’s Workbench from Jean-Marc Fray

L’etabli, or workbench in French, is typically made of chestnut, oak, or pine. It has a thick plank on top made of one or two boards, four straight legs with a bottom shelf, and a forged iron clamp.

All serious craftsmen in France had one, from Louis XIV’s guilds of ébénistes to the first 19th century  wooden ski makers. They were used by tonneaux (barrel) makers, sabot (wooden shoe) carvers, violin makers, and all furniture craftsmen. In the workshops of any skilled wood-craftsman they were the altar on which, every day – often throughout a whole lifetime or even more than a generation –  raw materials were transformed into personal creations: soulful, simple objects or unique art pieces, crafted by the common hand.

Cabinet Shop, circa 1890

These beautiful slabs of wood tell stories of years and years of manual labor and a bygone era where men made things with their hands using their own personal tools. These pieces were made to last and I can’t help myself, when I see one during our buying trips, I just have to have it.  They make great sofa tables for any interior and they look fabulous with this industrial loft look….

Use an antique workbench for an industrial loft look.
Workbenches are becoming rare and they usually sell fast, so keep checking our website to see what workbenches we have to offer from time to time. Whether you use it purely for decoration or for functionality, the rustic French etabli will anchor any interior with its inherent strength, and charm its admirers with its unique character and timelessness…
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